My Story

Hi, I’m Raquel, owner of Simply Beans. For years, my son Tanner, the sweetest, most compassionate, loving human, struggled with drug addiction. My son was in and out of jail and drug treatment centers, which I feel a lot of addicts tend to struggle with. The treatment centers were like a band-aid, he would do really well for the first 30 days but as soon as the weight of the world came down on his shoulders, he couldn’t handle the stress and would relapse. Even worse, Tanner would end up on the streets. There were many nights that I would stay up worrying, trying to find him so I could put him in a hotel just to keep him out of the cold or try to talk him into coming home. Sadly, when he was in jail it was a relief, which may sound strange to some, but I knew he had a warm meal, a roof over his head, and would not be using drugs.

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